"The 805 Cali Tejanos "


805 Cali Tejanos, a cutting edge latin band comprised of eight members of which six are brothers, will connect music lovers with the vast varieties of rhythms that have defined 

"The Cali Tejano Experience".


          Out of California's central coast, the eight piece band, 805 Cali Tejanos, brings a rejuvenating Spirit to Life with an innovative and unique music formula...

... a blend of eclectic, infectuous and upbeat rhythms, spiced up with highly melodic grooves and elegantly colored with sophisticated and mature songwriting material. Together as one, the result is an eclectic fruitful cocktail of inebriating Latin traditional and New Age Techno as well as contemporary Tejano Style Sounds!.. Who are the voices of 805 Cali Tejanos?-- The six Figueroa Brothers, Andrew, Joe, Michael, Manuel, Fernando and Richard Figueroa plus Hector Guaderrama, and Arturo Terrones. 805 Cali Tejanos offers "an unforgettable, one of a kind rejuvenating and electrifying musical connection".


The aggregation's uniqueness rests on an innate ability to fuse together various musical influences -- rock'n roll, R&B, Pop and dance -- and connect them all back into their latin origins. A celebration of Tropical and Tejano perks energized by the hypnotic and catchy vibes of techno music.

"805 Cali Tejanos" has recently been recognized as San Antonio's "Talk of the Town" while being interviewed by Xtreme Tejano Internet Radio Station. The "MCR" Internet Radio station "Top 20 Countdown" placed 805 Cali Tejanos latest song "Reviviendo El Pasado" at the #1 Position. Tejano fans from all over the nation, indeed all over the world, are enjoying the rejuvenating connection.

Performing at the Tejano Music Fan Fair 2019 in San Antonio Texas, where 10's of thousands of music fans from all over the nation gather to hear the best and newest artists, 805 Cali Tejanos was at the "Gateway Stage" poised with a passion to share their music.


Indeed, Hispanic music continues to smolder and evolve via the contagious tracks featured on 805 Cali Tejanos recently released CD "Reviviendo".(Feb 2019) And what is "The 805 Cali Tejano sound of California" but a tapestry of myriad traditional and Tejano style sounds and notes that have graced the prolific sheet of the Latin and Tejano world combined with todays electronic / techno vibes.